Moving Hand Kit

Moving Hand Kit

This hand realistically moves its fingers using real Muscle Wires. These Muscle Wires lengthen and contract just like your muscles do. Each finger is connected to an LED that lights up when power runs through the finger and it moves. A perfect kit to learn something about electronics, mechanics, and Muscle Wires all in one.Learn More

Heat Engine

Dr Johnson’s Heat Engine

This clean energy source utilizes temperature differentials in order to run. No gas or coal is needed which means no carbon dioxide or pollutants of any kind are generated. The notion of using temperature differentials in heat engines is not a new technology, but recent discoveries in Shape Memory Alloys have made them more cost effective, stronger and more durable.Learn More


Nitinol Shape memory Wire

Nitinol, also known as Ni-Ti is one of several shape memory alloys available. The shape memory effect comes from the mixture of nickel and titanium transferring between the martensite and austentite phases of crystal structureLearn More